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Hydros Solutions are pleased to announce the acquisition of Nanolia Worldwide, the flagship Nanotechnology Company. This acquisition will give existing and new clients the opportunity to enjoy the merged expertise, experience and range of products including all new and enhanced formulations.

Director, David Cochrane stated “We will continue to supply the original ‘Nanolia’ branded products to existing Distribution Partners only and have introduced, through our quickly expanding distribution network, an exciting range of product under the ECO.3 system. Hydros Solutions have discontinued supply of our old formulations to the Nano-it and Rockitoil brands of product. These are now supplied under the new ECO.3 brand and have been technically advanced to provide the end user with a much superior product.”

The older brands were available in The Home Depot, Target, and various other retail stores. Look out for the new ECO.3 brand, many enhanced with nano-smart technology for improved performance.

The new ECO.3 System, from Hydros Solutions, offers our clients a unique range of exciting futuristic and technically advanced cleaning, coating and caring products. If you would like to know more about this do not hesitate to contact us.

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