AB Engine Incorporated

AB Engine Incorporated is an intellectual property based company that has developed the AB Engine. The AB Engine is an innovative internal combustion engine (ICE) whose efficiency will significantly surpass that of conventional ICE and Diesel designs on the market today. The AB Engine is also an ideal “value-add” to the emerging Hybrid and Advanced Diesel automobile designs, leading to unparalleled mileage per gallon improvements. Contrary to using specialized and expensive high-octane based fuels combined with a complicated engine design, as much of the product's competition currently does to obtain higher efficiency, the AB Engine is based on a modified and well known Otto and Diesel engines design that is capable of utilizing inexpensive low-octane based fuels to achieve unparalleled efficiency. This efficiency results in 25 to 40 percent fuel economy over existing gasoline and diesel engine designs as well as a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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