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Architect Bart Conterio, with his office at Lecce, is specialized in sustainable design ( bioclimatic architecture, green building and design of highly energy efficient buildings), with an ecominimalism approach that focuses on the "value of simplicity"​ (….doing more with less).
In more than 20 years of professional career, he performed various works, in Italy and abroad, mainly in residential buildings, hotel buildings and Architectural restoration of valuable historical and artistic buildings, thus acquiring a great experience on site.
For several years he has been conducting research in sustainable architecture in CLIMA CSA (temperate hot Mediterranean climate with summer drought) and design of highly energy efficient buildings in Mediterranean area and hot climate regions (nearly Zero Energy Buildings, passive houses, solar homes in mild-humid-temperate climates), in designing innovative solutions that allow high quality living at an extremely accessible cost.
The concept of ‘efficient design’ is not limited to energy saving and sustainability of the work, but includes the optimization and rationalization of functional spaces distribution, within a building, reducing the use of materials also through light prefabricated dry layered techniques.

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