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Viridian was founded in March 2009 with a single electricity product and a unique and inspiring idea: Make green energy affordable and readily available, and people will gladly choose it. Our commitment to electricity that is Everyday Green revolutionized the entire retail energy industry, and sparked a ripple effect throughout the country. In just a few short years we became an industry leader and a powerful agent for change, proud to be listed among the Direct Selling News Global Top 100.
Today, we offer hundreds of thousands of residential and commercial customers a holistic portfolio of responsible energy options: green electricity, responsible natural gas that mitigates usage through carbon offsets, and convenient, affordable solar power. We owe it all to our vision of a renewable energy future, our customers, and our constantly expanding network of enthusiastic, empowered Independent Associates who represent our products with a passion and a commitment to local and global outreach that gains strength and impact every year.
We're growing by leaps and bounds, but we're in it for the long haul—and the world is taking notice. In June 2012, the Direct Selling Association recognized Viridian with the ETHOS Rising Star Award, given to an up-and-coming company in the direct selling industry that best demonstrates a consistent and continued pattern of growth as well as a well-rounded business strategy.
Also in 2012, Viridian's founder and CEO, Michael Fallquist, was chosen as one of the nation's best and brightest entrepreneurs to be honored as a regional Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.
And in the fall of 2012 Viridian was proud to become part of the Crius Energy family of brands. With pioneering brand strategies and a proven track record of energy operations, Crius is an industry leader at the forefront of energy innovation, and provides a robust backbone for Viridian's continued growth. The best-in-class brands that comprise Crius Energy serve more than half a million customers. Viridian's Founder and CEO Michael Fallquist is also CEO of Crius. As testimony to his leadership, in 2014 Crius was named Energy Supplier of the Year at the inaugural Energy Marketing Conference.
It's all about seeing an opportunity and rising to meet it with power and vision. Starting in 2009 with a game-changing mission and a handful of Associates, Viridian harnessed the power of affordable, responsible energy and a direct selling model. We value our Associates, and take great pride in the financial success enjoyed by those who have committed themselves to building effective, productive businesses. Most of all, we value each and every one of our customers, who are our driving force as we continue on our path of growth and positive change.
Together, our individual choices are having a profound collective impact on families, businesses, communities, our nation’s economy and the planet. It's a story we can all play a part in, starting with one simple choice. What could be more gratifying than that?

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