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AMECO Solar provides affordable, reliable solar solutions for homeowners and businesses in Southern California. By focusing on great customer service and high-quality installation work, our company has survived the ups and downs of the solar industry since we were founded in 1974.

The solar industry has changed a lot since 1974 and we have adapted right along with it. Installing solar panels for 40 years has allowed us to perfect our approach and technique, guaranteeing that you will receive the highest performing solar system for your investment.

Solar installation is not side work for us; our employees do nothing but install solar energy systems each and every day. We got into the solar business because we truly believe in the technology — we’re not just another company who is trying to make a quick buck by taking advantage of rebates and tax credits.

Though many solar companies go out of business after a couple of years, we have been in the solar installation business for four decades now. You can count on us to be around to support you long after your solar panels are installed.
We understand that superior customer service is a priority. Being a family-owned business, our knowledgeable employees understand the importance of a relationship.

We work closely with you throughout your entire solar experience to ensure that your installation goes smoothly and the final result exceeds your expectations. In the end, we want sure that you are happy enough to recommend our company and solar energy.

Acting as a clearing house for our customers, we use our solar knowledge and expertise to choose efficient, reliable products that will stand the test of time. In addition to AMECO’s standard and extended workmanship warranties, we have chosen manufacturers that offer outstanding warranties guaranteeing decades of energy production.

Our policy is to only offer products made by well-known companies who are invested in American commerce and have a national presence. We believe that a warranty is only as strong as the company behind it, and that it is particularly difficult to honor a warranty if your operations base is located overseas. There are many manufacturers that do not meet our standards for quality, reputation or customer service. We only partner with the best!

Going solar with AMECO is easy. We take care of you during every step of the way for a seamless transition to solar energy. Locally based, we have extensive experience with permitting and inspection codes throughout the region.

We do not hire subcontractors or short term laborers to install our systems; each solar installer is a skilled AMECO employee. This ensures that every member of our team takes the concerns of our customers to heart and is committed to providing you with a high-quality solar system.

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