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IDG is the world’s leading technology media , data and marketing services company.

We are the new model of a modern media company, with a data-driven approach and marketing services that accelerate purchasing and deepen engagement.

IDG influences the most powerful tech buyers in the world—from business technologists to enthusiasts and everyone in between. With a comprehensive portfolio spanning digital, video, events and print in 97 countries, IDG’s global media brands accelerate purchasing for the entire spectrum of tech buyers.

Marketers benefit from IDG’s rich and exclusive first-party data. Our premium first-party data—from digital content interactions, demand generation and events—forms a detailed picture of our users' purchasing intent.

Marketers turn to IDG Marketing Services for our expertise in creating custom content-driven programs across video, mobile, social, digital and research. IDG executes complex campaigns that fulfill marketers’ global ambitions seamlessly with consistency that delivers results and wins awards.

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