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Rentwise is an Independent Lessor for IT Equipment with unique IT Equipment Rental & Leasing Solutions and Managed IT Services based in Malaysia. We help our clients implement an adequate and efficient IT infrastructure via our Standard Desktop Operating Environment (SDOE) Model that comes with full warranty and maintenance throughout the rental term.

The SDOE Model gives clients a choice of using a combination of new and/or remanufactured pre-owned equipment depending on the user requirement.

This has proven to be a cost-effective and sensible solution, in both technical and financial terms, to implement an adequate, efficient IT infrastructure across the organization that avoids over specification and subsequent overspend.

As business operators ourselves, we recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy bottom line.

Clients are financial and technological savvy companies who:

prefer not to spend large upfront financial resources to make capital acquisitions of depreciating hardware and software. They recognized that these are Operating Assets as opposed to Fixed Assets, reaffirming Rentwise’s mission of helping clients “Own that which appreciates, Rent that which depreciates”, Rockefeller 1920.
want to optimize IT spending by matching hardware specifications to their software requirements, and
realize there is little value in being first movers to try out new technologies which constantly change. They understand it has become a risk to do so due to rapidly decreasing IT prices as new technologies mature. They also comprehend technology sold today provides a lot more processing power than what is actually required by most business applications.
The success of Rentwise’s SDOE is in providing required technologies and services via a cost-effective rental solution. This is possible as no high upfront cost of equipment acquisition is necessary and there are no hidden costs.

Companies can now upgrade both their hardware and software to a consistent and current platform that minimizes maintenance, security and productivity issues, at a cost that is unbelievably friendly to the balance sheet.

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