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Pollution Engineerings (M) Sdn Bhd

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Pollution Engineering Group is a pioneer in the environmental industry in Malaysia. We are a proven technology provider in the solid waste, wastewater treatment, air pollution and renewable energy systems – capable of providing conceptual proposal, process and engineering design, building and commissioning of integrated solutions.

Since 1980, the Group has a long and proven track record in successful completion of projects for both the Government and private sectors, local and international markets.

The Group's mission is to become a "One Stop Solution Center for the Treatment and Recycling of Waste" by providing an efficient and economical solution to meet the growing needs for a cleaner environment.

The core products of the Group are:

- Wastewater treatment plants for any type of industries
- Sewage treatment plants for any capacity
- Water purification systems for river and ponds
- Packaged fixed bed incinerators for different applications
- Rotary kiln incinerator for both small and large applications
- Pyrolyzer system for different industries
- Rotary kiln dryer for all kinds applications
- Air pollution control systems for different industries
- Aerobic thermophilic fermentation system to convert organic waste into biofertilizer
- Anaerobic digestion system
- Microwave technologies

Pollution Engineering Group also conducts industrial R&D services with higher learning institutes, government agencies and private companies that are keen to develop new pilot scale technologies.

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