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Founded in 2008, Alion Energy has fundamentally redesigned the way we build and maintain community scale solar. As an innovative EPC and O&M solutions provider, Alion Energy combines robotic installation technology with established construction practices to build local, utility scale projects faster and up to 25% less, while producing more energy than standard fixed-tilt projects.

At Alion Energy, we have one mission – rapidly lower solar’s LCOE to $0.05/kwh in the U.S. by 2016.

This mission required rethinking the entire installation process and not simply making incremental improvements to existing rack systems, which initially copied and retained many of the same materials used for small, residential roof systems.

Alion specifically designed a more efficient construction process for utility scale solar plants by using robotic installation technology and established construction industry practices.

Now, Alion Energy builds utility scale systems twice as fast and with less than half the labor.
At Alion Energy, we go beyond simply building the most cost-effective utility scale solar systems; we build solar plants with LCOEs that can compete with any generation source.

Alion Energy. Accelerating Power.

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