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Sanitation facilities in India have been alarmingly poor, with over 600 million people (half of India’s population) having no access to toilets, particularly in the rural areas. People are forced to defecate in the open, posing health hazards, raising environmental concerns and leading to water contamination.

The enterprise provides solutions and services for human waste management, involving innovative and simple bio-digester technology patented by Indian Ministry of Defence, which helps user manage human waste onsite without depending on expensive and energy-consuming sewage infrastructure.

Banka BioLoo provides environmentally-friendly and sustainable solutions for sanitation in rural, urban and peri-urban areas. Our bio-toilets (or bioloos) treat human waste using bacterial culture, which eliminates the need for excreta disposal, transport and treatment. The system obviates the need for external sewage infrastructure.

The system treats/disposes human waste:
• in 100% eco-friendly manner
• saves energy
• conserves water
• produces biogas in minor quantities

Our solutions address the following customer needs/pain points:
• Meet the need for basic, easy-to-install and hygienic human waste disposal mechanism in areas with no infrastructural facilities, such as sewage treatment plants
• Address the need for a cheaper and easy-to-operate alternative to the traditional waste disposal system

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