Green Magic Homes

Green Magic Homes

 Building & Construction, Planning & Landscape

Our technology offers a Universe of Possibilities for Business, such as:

* Development of Eco-Hotels or Ecological Cabins for Rent
* Development of Ecological Condos
* Ecological Communities or Eco-Villas
* Camping areas with Cabins embedded in the mountain
* Cabins in areas of Ecological Reserve, where traditional buildings are forbidden, but where our technology is accepted because it blends completely with nature.
* Projects in the desert with our homes covered with sand desert.
* Projects in the snow with our technology covered with snow.
* Floating houses on the water with our technology, which is not affected by water or moisture.
* This and much more, where your imagination will have no limits and we will do reality all your dreams, since we love the challenges that will be resolved by our expert team of Architects and Engineers.

Green Magic Homes is a prefabricated modular building system, with structural components made in FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer), which are specifically designed to fit together to provide infinite design possibilities for spaces, access, lighting, ventilation and room connections. Shipping world wide is made easy with modules that are sized and packaged to fit into one or two shipping containers.

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