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The ability and commitment of our employees form the basis for the success of the Yushi Group. In the past several years we strived hard to gain reputable respect by providing innovative ideas and outstanding expertise in the hi-tech glass industry. We are proud to have brought a new definition to architectural glass "that our glass is beyond ordinary glass."

Now Yushi Group is ready to challenge the world with an even more precise and modern approach. Our aim is to represent Taiwan and make our name shine in all corners around the world.

At Yushi Group we take responsibility for our society and the environment very seriously. In this new era our wish is to increase our level of service efficiency and offer quality upgrade to our customers.

We’d also like to obtain more beneficial resources and a diverse range of products. Our new team is onboard and is committed to provide more sustainable energy saving glass solutions for the future.

While our passion to serve and our reliable professional knowledge will remain unchanged, we will be breaking old traditions and deliver a brand new experience to our valued customers.

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