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Minima Technologies Co., Ltd, established 2000, has be committed to dedicate into R&D and beyond, to combine various biodegradable materials with unique mechanical devices, a company with expertise & total solution from raw material thru man-machine-control to the final 100% compostable product, as well as its application to grant the International Compostable Certificate.

Company core philosophy is finding a relatively simpler way of "Love Earth Directly" as "along nature by nature" is the best way, by means of biodegradable plastic to replace and minimize conventional Petro-plastic to be continually impacting onto earth environment.

The family of innovational techniques, Minima technologies possession of: biodegradable material Extrusion, Printing, Resin Compounding, Conversion, Physical/Chemical foaming, Thermoforming, Blow Molding, Injection Molding etc. The fact is, Minima is a small entity but a key component to a Giant enterprise.

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