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Wheat bran plates invented by Jerzy Wysocki is a ground-breaking solution in disposable packaging industry.

It is an answer for growing demand of highly developed countries, that care about rational waste management – maximising recycling and reduction of waste – as they are fully compostable and biodegradable in 30 days in natural environment. It is possible because our plates are made purely from plants – only wheat bran, with no chemical or artificial supplements. Compared with paper (six month until biodegraded) or plastic (several hundred years) it is absolutely unique product worldwide.

Jerzy Wysocki created first prototype himself, followed by than five years of experiments to find perfect formula: how much bran, how much water, how much pressure and what temperature should be applied to make perfect product. And he finally made it!

Now we can make packaging in almost every desired shape and size, and we continue to develop new lines, techniques and ideas how to make more use of wheat bran.

Currently we are finalising development of a new factory and production line – 20 new machines will be assembled by the end of 2015.

Technology and production process is protected by patent worldwide.

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