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Onyx Solar is a global company developing smart solar solutions for Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV). We are an international, global-thinking company offering local solutions, tailored to each client in all around the world.

The solutions replace conventional materials such as glass or ceramics for a constructive material with photovoltaic properties in ventilated façades and roofs, curtain walls, skylights, brise soleils, canopies, walkable floor, etc. The idea is to incorporate photovoltaic properties to building envelopes to allow to them to produce clean and free energy from the sun from an aesthetical and feasible point of view.

The solutions developed by Onyx Solar combine active and passive elements. Among the former we count the in-situ generation of electricity, which can be used for self-consumption or connected and sold to the grid at a price previously established generating important incomes. The passive elements are related to the building design in order to enhance the thermal performance, improving thermal insulation and thus reducing the energy demand.

Those measures make the photovoltaic constructive material developed by Onyx the only one allowing the customer to recover the money invested on its acquisition and installation after a certain period of time, providing an outstanding pay-back time. Moreover, integrating photovoltaic into the building you guarantee yourself that the energy price will remain unchanged for the next 30 years, something vital considering the current trend of increasing prices.

One of our main competitive advantages has to do with our technological Independence and surveillance. In Onyx Solar we deal with all photovoltaics technologies available now and in the future, which is possible thanks to our R&D strategy that allows us to be up to date with all the latest industry’s developments.

Thus, we are able to offer to each customer the best solution considering their project characteristics from a completely independent point of view, considering only technical, aesthetic and functional aspects.

Moreover, all the solutions we have developed are specially customized for each project in terms of size, color, semi-transparency and almost any aspect you can imagine.

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