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ECO SWIM® by Aqua Green® is a sustainable-minded swimwear collection made-in-America from recycled nylons and other eco-friendly materials and technologies. ECO SWIM by Aqua Green’s mission is to demonstrate leadership in style while providing fashionable, excellent quality and planet friendly products for the conscious consumer. ECO SWIM helps to reduce your carbon footprint in the sand, while leading the way in sustainable, quality fashion that can make a difference.
“With every sunrise we try harder.™”

CO PEACE® by Aqua Green® is a collection of thoughtfully created swimwear combining sustainability, glam, bohemian spirit and fun, festival-chic trends. The made-in-America young designers collection is locally designed, sourced and produced in sunny southern California using sustainable materials and new “water free” printing technology that gives the line its sustainable edge.
“I want my footprints washed away in the sand and surf, not left to scar the earth for future generations.”

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