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Agrivert provides cost-effective, sustainable organic waste management solutions through its award-winning network of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and Composting facilities across Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey and South Wales.

Over 20 years we have carefully developed a unique and leading position in the organics treatment market. We operate in a unique portion of this market; simultaneously designing and building complex treatment plants for others, whilst building and operating our own food, green and sewage waste recycling facilities.

Today, Agrivert works with 34 local authorities and we provide unrivalled food waste recycling solutions to numerous businesses across the UK. We turn over quarter of a million tonnes of food waste collected from households, catering outlets, food manufacturers and retailers into renewable power via our network of 5 AD plants.

We produce enough green electricity to power 25,000 homes each year.

Furthermore the nutrient-rich biofertilisers that are produced at each of our facilities are used to benefit local farmland and provide a truly organic replacement for petrochemical derived fertilisers that are harmful to our environment. Agrivert offer an expert, stable and truly sustainable solution for food waste disposal and renewable energy production.

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