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Zhong Shan Hua Yue Laser Technology Co.,Ltd is the biggest and most professional PMMA LGP manufacturer in south China, which specializing in laser LGP for led lighting factories, TV manufacturers, lcd ad player manufacturers, slim led ad light box suppliers, sunshine stone decoration firms and led designing companies.

HuaYue focus on producing top quality LGP by laser dotting Mitsubishi PMMA acrylic for 8 years, with 5 years warranty.
We offer you top quality customed LGP by higher lumen and uniform lighting effects.

HuaYue have a well team, the ability of communication and coordination, make ideas come true, work hard, meticulous and patience can afford the presure of the work. Currently we have major customers from China, USA, Japan, Germany, Sweden, South Korea. Provide top quality products for our customers, assisting them to gain competitive advantages are our major focus.

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