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Industrial logging of the world's primary forests is rapidly destroying the habitats of thousands of animal and plant species, and depleting our planet of its oxygen reserves. The situation today is of concern to us all: we need to call a halt to the destructive exploitation of hardwoods responsible for this widespread desforestion.

WPC Corporation, invented and developed a substitute for Wood made from softwood waste and recycled polymer resins

This new material had the appearance and qualities of the rarest species of Wood While offering a truly; eco-friendly alternative, and met with instant success. The Extremely demanding Japanese market was won over by quality and exceptional lisfespan of this product, which followed the Shintoist tradition of respect for, and love of, nature. Wood Plastic Composite material is widely available today in Asia, and especially in Japan, where it holds a 60% market share in architectural landscaping in the public and private construction sectors.

Many entrepreneurs the world over have tried to imitate the original Japanese wood plastic composite. Whether imported, or produced locally, the equivalent products sold in Europe and the U.S. are of very varied quality. The manufacturing technology has to be so finely tuned and intricately controlled; both know-how and accumulated experience are keys to the fabrication of a high-quality, resilient wood plastic composite.

Nonetheless, in today's construction sector there are some very competitive solutions that fulfil green criteria. Our company, WPC Corparation, which offers worldwide customers both know-how and support, has selected and developed a full range of products conforming to rigorous standards.

Einwood®'s manufacturing process adheres strictly to the original Japanese technique, and is produced exclusively in Japan. It remains the leading global brand in the field, and undeniably offers the best guarantees available when it comes to durability, aesthetic appeal

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