Tuck Hua Metal Works Sdn Bhd

Tuck Hua Metal Works Sdn Bhd

"Tuck Hua Metal Works Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1984, with the main activities of steel product manufacturing. Steel processing and maintanence engineering. As years gone by, the company has today transformed by expanding and diversitying its business activities to various segment which includes :-
* Steel Pipes : Carbon Round Pipes, Hollow Sections, Furniture Tubes.
* Storage System : Pallets Racking, Bottles Racking, Steel Shelf System,
Pallets Cage, Platforms.
* Building Material : Metal Frame, Roof Trust, Channels, Stifners, Linters, Purtins.
*Steel Processing : Slitting, Shearing, Roll Forming, Stamping, Epoxy, Coating."

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