EnergySage was created to show you that doing the right thing for your bottom line and doing the right thing for the environment aren’t always mutually exclusive.

Today, clean energy technologies have developed to the point where almost any building – residential or commercial - can reap economic benefits from installing a clean energy system. Making people aware of this fact remains the challenge. That’s why we’ve developed this portal to provide you with objective, comprehensive information and actionable advice to help you find appropriate, cost-effective clean energy solutions specific to your individual needs.

What’s different is our approach. Rather than just focus on the environmental benefits, we look at these decisions from a financial point of view, emphasizing the returns on investment and the economic benefits of choosing clean energy systems. We’re still going to show you how biomass technologies work, the relative benefits of solar photovoltaics vs. wind turbines, and just exactly what fuel cells are, but we’re also going to provide you with the facts, figures and tools that will convince you that these technologies make a lot of sense for your wallet, too.

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