Waste To Green

Waste To Green

Waste To Green is eStewards and ISO 14001 certified IT Asset Recovery and Recycling company , adhering to most rigorous environmental and social standards, committed to providing complete accountability and transparency of their processes. Waste To Green’s IT Asset Management program provides a comprehensive range of services for corporations. We anticipate and evaluate new legislation, develop and assess environmental technologies and research our customers’ practical requirements to provide successful and sustainable waste management services. We help companies liquidate their old IT equipment by helping them get maximum value recovery from old IT equipment. We buy computers- laptops, desktops, cell phones, servers, telecom equipment (phone systems, conferencing devices) etc. We buy Data Center equipment with Data Center deinstall service and consultation available. Waste To Green is experienced in managing Healthcare IT Asset Disposition, offering complete compliance with HIPAA and other laws applicable to IT equipment disposal.Waste To Green recycles corporate waste, including electronics according to highest industry standards laid by BAN (Basal Action network) and their gold standard of eStewards certification. Our secure data destruction services include hard drive shredding and DOD wipes as per Department of Defense and NAID standards. Waste To Green’s complete life cycle IT Asset management service helps businesses, Federal, State, Local Government and Individuals meet their environmental and legislative obligations for electronic and corporate waste disposal.

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