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Tower Garden® by Juice Plus+®
Thanks to Tower Garden, growing healthy, fresh produce at home has never been easier or more sustainable.

Tim Blank plants the seed for a better way to grow

Technology. Vision. Passion. It took all three—and more than 5 years—to fully develop Tower Garden. Tim Blank was Greenhouse Manager for Epcot’s cutting-edge agricultural display until 2005. He left and founded Future Growing with the dream that someday everybody on the planet would have access to healthy food in their own home and local community.

At Future Growing, Tim developed this state-of-the-art vertical garden system. When Juice Plus+ learned about Tower Garden, we knew it would be a perfect way to further our goal of promoting healthy nutrition for you and your family. Learn more about Juice Plus+. In 2011, we purchased the rights to produce and distribute Tower Gardens for home use from Tim Blank and his company.

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