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The Greenblock design originated in Europe over 40 years ago and was introduced to North America in the late 1980s. Our original, innovative design has stood the test of time and has been imitated by many of our competitors. With thousands of Greenblock structures successfully completed across Europe and North America, we are proud to have been a pioneer in the ICF Industry.
Today, Greenblock is bigger, stronger and better than ever with fourteen manufacturing and distribution sites across the country. Greenblock features an expanded and comprehensive product line that is designed to meet the needs of virtually any building situation from foundations and basements to multi-story commercial structures.
Our distribution and manufacturing networks across North America eliminates many steps between the manufacturer and the end user, which translates into lower prices for the customer. After all, it is our job to offer you a superior product that can easily be integrated into your existing building style at an affordable price. This is exactly what Greenblock has accomplished.
Government agencies and utility companies are now recognizing the superior features of insulated form-built structures and are beginning to recommend its use for the energy conservation benefits. Insurance companies are recognizing the structural value and safety factors and have begun to offer discounted rates as well.
Greenblock offers technical support as well as onsite training demos at locations throughout North America. We understand the importance of forming strong business relationships based on respect and trust and we look forward to serving your construction need for years to come. You will soon understand why the future of building is Greenblock

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