Suzhou Zhouyang Special Steel Co., Ltd was established based on the predecessor company Changshu Fengyang Special Steel Co., Ltd (established in 2007 relying on an overseas company). Our subsidiary company includes Changshu Fengyang Special Steel Co., Ltd, Global Asia Materials Industry Int’l Trade (HK) Co., Ltd and Vietnam Chau Duong Int’l Industry Co., Ltd (independent legal entity).
Our company specializes in producing and exporting various special steel, alloy steel, section steel and machines in accordance with demands of different areas. Then it formed the situation that the five regions Korea, Vietnam, Shanghai, Hong Kong and the headquarters in Changshu cooperate together. We also have certificates of our products and import & export license. With the management principle “Sincerity makes cooperation, Cooperation builds friendship”, and with the service concepts “Innovation and Efficiency”, we have won understanding and recognition from our clients and the whole industry. And we have won trust from customers because of our professional knowledge on supplying of goods and products.
Innovation——without bound. We are sure your choice will make us to create more high performance products and better service which also will take more profit to both you and your friends.

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