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We are Exclusive Management Service USA Inc. Currently we manufacture the Green Eco friendly cleaning products Nature Blast and Organic pads for “dust free” concrete polish.
“EMSUSA” isn’t just a manufacturer of amazing products. We also has many types of services:
•Safety Training Programs
•High Traction Floor Safety/COF/BOT Testing with Reporting & Monitoring
•Cleaning Products and Supplies
•Inspection Facility and Surveys
•Monitoring Safety Program and Ruling for customers with In
•House maintenance program
•Courses & Certifications for In-House Janitorial Program
•Floor Care/ Maintenance service

Our safety program is founded with integrity and results. We are confident we can save millions of dollars to every company with complete 4.step system. “Our work is 100% Guaranteed and we see reduction slip&falls incidents a minimum 80% from our customers.

Our Exclusive Safety Training Program package can start with basic your currently cleaning products or for best result use safety and cleaning products.

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