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RE-TREAD PRODUCTS Inc. (RTP) has developed a new building material made from recycled tires called the “Tire Log™”. The Tire Log™ is a patented innovation made from waste tires with a unique and energy efficient approach to recycling tires. RTP’s process “upcycles” the waste tire and takes full advantage of the embedded energy in tires that is wasted in conventional tire recycling that primarily involves the grinding, burying or burning of waste tires.

The need for practical recycled tire products that utilize a large quantity of waste tires while producing a value added product has been a high priority of solid waste administrators on the local, national and international level. RTP recycling method is based on a simple procedure that helically wraps the steel belted tread of the tire around a core of tire treads to essentially any length or diameter. The net result is a building material with unique benefits, combining the desirable characteristics of tire materials with the structural integrity provided by RTP’s patented design.

Due to its resistance to decay, along with the Tire Logs™ energy absorbing, “bends but doesn’t break” characteristics, the Tire Log™ has proven superior to conventional building materials for many construction applications. The Tire Log™ may have its most profound value in areas that are prone to earthquakes or other extreme forces such as wave action, explosions or vehicle impacts.

RTP has demonstrated the viability of using the Tire Log™ for many different commercial applications that include erosion and flood control, levees, retaining walls, sea walls, barricades for highway safety as well as security and military applications. RTP has also demonstrated the potential of the Tire Log™ to be used as an economical building material to build earthquake resistant housing and other structures desperately needed in Haiti and other areas that are seismically vulnerable.

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