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Good Start Packaging was founded with a mission to educate and inspire people to reduce the amount of waste they send to landfills. We believe that continuing to use the current quantities of non biodegradable plastic is unsustainable. We sustain ourselves in our efforts by finding the most eco-friendly, compostable food containers and selling them to the restaurant industry.

Our priorities for sourcing products:

1. Use suppliers that minimize use of petrochemicals and pesticides in the production of the plants used as raw materials.

2. Maximize use of non genetically-modified feedstocks

3. Minimize the carbon footprint of each product by sourcing and manufacturing locally where practical

4. Push for fair trade and healthy work environments for workers

5. Reliability: Going green may cost a little more but that should not mean compromising quality and reliability. We test our products to make sure they hold up to demanding environments.

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