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Welcome to BONO , since 1958 dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation, service and maintenance of industrial boilers for standard and special applications: plug solutions, turnkey solutions, systems assembled on site.
The 'efficient after sales service guarantees long-lasting performance of the boilers due to the availability of original spare parts, preventive care, continuous updating of the software, actions to improve energy efficiency and reduce NOx emissions.
Our research and development department is focused on the continuous improvement of energy efficiency of our plants: the heat recovery optimization of the electrical devices.
Our technical department has extensive experience in mechanical design and process in accordance with PED, ATEX directives and the machines and certification GOST-R & RTN and SQLO; according to codes: ASME, European EN, AD 2000, BS 1113, and Collections ISPESL. Today, our commitment is to:

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