eRevival Electronics and Computer Recycling

eRevival Electronics and Computer Recycling was founded itself with the mission of providing the private and public sector with computer and electronic recycling solutions that represent a viable, economical alternative to environmental contamination. Clients rely on us for an efficient, cost-effective way to recycle electronic equipment, minimize liability risks, eliminate warehousing fees and ensure that proprietary information is completely removed by using the US Department of Defense (DOD) standards.

Our Guarantee:
eRevival has a solid track record for providing ecologically sound practices for electronic and computer recyling. Our goal is zero waste zero export. Of all the electronic and computer equipments that has enter our facilities, less than 1% actually enters the waste/export stream. And of that 1%, all of it is 100% contaminant free.

Today, eRevival has attained a leadership position in the electronics and computer recycling industry with government officials, academic researchers and trade groups seeking out the company’s expertise. eRevival Electronic and Computer Recycling has also been featured at many industry events, and is very involved in industry organizations.

Through environmentally responsible disposal, eRevival Electronic and Computer Recycling helps you turn these liabilities into assets. Components of value are sold for reuse or recovery of raw materials. Remaining scraps are then properly recycled by permitted associate facilities– even if it costs eRevival LLC to do it. Items of environmental concern include batteries, soldered circuit boards, cathode ray tubes and mercury wetted switches.

eRevival Electronic and Computer Recycling customers are issued Certificates of Reuse/Recycle on request.

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