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K&K Technologies PLT is established with the determination of introducing a revolutionary new environment enhancement product into the Malaysian market. We perceive bright prospects in a new and unchartered market in a segment that is relatively matured and have no doubts of the positive impact to the local green initiative. We are also very keen to actively contribute to environmental awareness programmes.

With innovative new products, K&K Technologies is confident of its own development and escalation of its corporate identity as a leader within the industry. Together, the directors ensure successful market penetration by tapping into each other’s strengths and insight especially in the fields of logistics, business management and development, customer-oriented service as well as technical knowledge.

K&K Technologies is the authorised importer and distributor of Boysen® paints in Malaysia.

Boysen® Paints is ranked as the 51st largest paint company in the world. It is one of only two paint companies from the ASEAN region and the only Filipino company to make the list. In its more than 50 years of prominence in the Philippine building materials industry, BOYSEN® has earned milestones for delivering high quality paint and innovative products. It is the first Filipino paint company to be given by SPIK (i.e., the Chemical Industries Association of the Philippines) the privilege to use the Responsible Care logo.

Boysen® has achieved another momentous milestone since its inception with the formulation of KNOxOUT™, an innovative air cleaning paint. It is a water-based coating that uses a revolutionary new technology to break down noxious air polluting gases into harmless substances through an environmentally safe process called photocatalysis.

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