Clean Energies Investment

Clean Energies Investment

Clean Energies is a renewable energy investment firm that supports and funds the development and commercial roll out of untapped and emerging sources of UK renewable energy, such as Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and Biomass.

There are a number of emerging sources of renewable energy, such as agricultural / waste AD and Biomass that are well suited to the UK landscape and farming sector – but remain, as yet, under funded and under-developed.

Pioneering UK bio renewable firms, such as NGB and RARE, have advanced and refined the process by which energy is generated from these sources and are now, partnering with Clean Energies Investor, to systemise and automate the production process to move into commercial roll out.

Clean Energies source, fund, build and operate emerging renewable energy plants – unlocking their potential contribution through technology, practice and investment and now the Company is on a journey to scale that contribution.

By owning the development end to end with its technology partners, the Company plans to build a pipeline of ‘waste to energy’ AD and Biomass plants to supply power to over 20,000 homes in the UK by 2018.

Clean Energies operates a partnership investment model. The Company and its affiliates, equity fund the early stages of each project and once on track, raise capital through a high yielding Bond to fund the later stages of development or replica plant builds.

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