Incom Recycle Co., Ltd.

Incom Recycle Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. Its parent company, INCOM Resources Recovery Co., Ltd., is the regenerated bottle-grade PET chips manufacturer with the biggest production line in Asia, and also is the only enterprise to produce food-grade regenerated PET chips in China.

Beijing Incom Resources Recovery Recycling Co., Ltd. is the leading operator and provider of “Total Solution for Intelligent Solid Waste Recovery Machine and Recycling System” in China; and is also one of the first leading enterprises for “urban mineral demonstration base” in Beijing and China. The company is responsible for the construction of overall recycling system, focusing on setting up the first and second grade intelligent recycling network. It has rich experience on overall planning, constructing and the managing of recycling system.

The Incom RVM researched and developed by Incom, is the first in China to integrate the Internet Of Things with the renewable resources recycling system and realized the construction of intelligent recycling system from the first and second grade to recycle grade in Beijing; it is also supported with powerful SMS platform and web portals. Meanwhile, the large pool of data accumulated in the Data Center of Internet Of Things may provide strong data support for the government to establish corresponding policies for environmental protection.

Incom Recycle provides customers with various RVM solution services. They include RVM for small-scale solid wastes (such as beverage bottle, zip-top can, waste battery, energy saving lamp, etc.) and management consulting service including the consulting service related to background management system of recycling machine, recycling operation system and the construction scheme for sorting center, etc.

Incom Recycle takes talent strength as the core competitiveness for enterprise development, and possesses an outstanding application and R & D talents and system software team. The company has successively obtained various patents and product certifications, and has become the constitutor of the standards for intelligent solid waste recovery and recycling in China; its technical achievements always maintain a leading position in the industry.

The products and service of Incom Recycle can be applied to many fields, especially in the construction of urban supporting facilities and the environmental protection recycling industry. INCOM Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) has been widely sold in foreign markets, which made the company to become the largest manufacturer and exporter of solid waste RVM in China.

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