Vert Investment Group LLC

Vert Investment Group LLC arranges economically sophisticated, risk-appropriate financing, manages operational resources and represents buy- and sell-side interests in transactions of utility-scale renewable energy assets for developers and capital sources in North, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Vert Investment Group’s clients enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive, proprietary valuation model that helps evaluate the most appropriate financing options at each major development stage of their renewable energy project. The Vert Staged Progression Model incorporates actual project milestones, then defines funding alternatives from pre-construction through interim and permanent financing. This confidential, tailor-made projection of capital requirements, cash flows, timed returns and investment multiples creates different scenarios of the project’s economic viability. It matches project engineering and construction plans to the complete range of financing options.

The Vert Staged Progression Model considers all major project steps from environmental studies through permitting to power purchase agreements, construction timelines, commercial operations, call options and project sale scenarios. A simple example of a Vert Investment-managed financing package might contain pre-construction and construction loans subsequently refinanced with a combination of long-term debt, tax equity and government grants. But the Vert Staged Progression Model values all financing options for the project and often suggests additional initiatives like preferred equity for supplementary development requirements. The result is a clearer vision of the scope and appropriate timing of project funding so financing is in sync with operational requirements, investor objectives and, not least, the developer’s financing costs are controlled.

The Vert Staged Progression Model includes cases that are continually modified as the project matures to reflect permitting and construction progress, equipment purchase and installation, power purchase agreements and other market variables. Developers, investors, power purchasers, tax authorities and other government agencies all benefit from Vert Investment Group’s engineering- and construction-linked analysis using the sophisticated scenario planning of the Vert Staged Progression Model.

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