Citadel100 Datacenters Ltd

Citadel100 Datacenters Ltd

Headquartered in Dublin Ireland, CITADEL100 is Ireland’s leading datacenter owner and operator. Our experienced team has a proven track record in delivering large scale, wholesale colocation solutions to international and local enterprises.

Strong local market knowledge as well as an established contact network with international reach has maintained CITADEL100 at the forefront of the data center industry both at home and abroad for over 12 years.

Services and solutions provided at Citadel include customised data center colocation solutions, dedicated data halls with 100% power availability SLAs and data center maintenance and management services.

CITADEL100 is the leading provider of cloud computing datacenters in Ireland.

CITADEL100 own and operate a 65,000 sq ft mission critical datacenter in Dublin.

At CITADEL100 we have state-of-the-art power and cooling systems in place. We construct all of our datacenter environments with the most resilient power engineering to ensure that no single points of failure exist. This is combined with our cooling system in an N+2 configuration, which is monitored by our customised Building Management System, Control100. All of our facilities are carrier-neutral with multiple network providers.

CITADEL100 is protected 24 x 7 by security officers and closed circuit TV. We also provide a professional and experienced team of military trained security personnel on-site.

At CITADEL100 we are committed to operating the most efficient green datacenters available. All of our colo’s incorporate the most efficient methods of power support and cooling. Through an innovative philosophy of continual improvement we continue to optimise our power utilisation efficiencies, resulting in lower operational costs for clients with a significant reduction in carbon emissions.
CITADEL100 is dedicated to working with its prospective clients to optimise their efficiency while maintaining 100% uptime.

CITADEL100 is ISO 9001:2008 and 27001:2013 certified.

CITADEL100 is part of the Keppel DC REIT, the first data center real estate investment trust (DC REIT) to be listed in Asia. Keppel DC REIT invests in a diversified portfolio of income-producing real estate assets used for data center purposes, with an initial focus on Asia-Pacific and Europe. The REIT has 500,000 square foot of mission-critical Data Center space under operation globally. Our data centers are located in Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Malaysia, Sydney and Brisbane. For further information on worldwide locations please click here.

CITADEL100 has developed a number of financial models created to meet the differing financial needs of our clients. These tailored financial packages are customised according to project delivery and current versus future and projected requirements.

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