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“Epho” stands for electric energy from photons and our logo is the symbol for electron. Epho is driven by a strong company ethos, which defines how we do business and generate benefits for our clients to create win / win situations.

The Epho team has a tremendous amount of experience and its members count as experts in their fields. The team has more than of 50 years of experience in solar power between them. Leveraging this experience, Epho can deliver high-quality solar systems that are right for its client’s needs and develop financial solutions that fit to the client’s budget constraints.

Each Epho solar project undergoes a stringent analysis of the underlying business case, the Solar Business Case. Does it make economic sense to off-set electricity demand with solar power? Once the Solar Business Case is confirmed, Epho works closely with its clients to establish the best way to deliver the economic benefits of the commercial solar system.

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