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IT managers are increasingly seeking out suppliers of high performance, cost-effective and energy-efficient Green IT products. Their primary objective is to reduce skyrocketing data center operational costs, a large proportion of which are energy related costs. As these energy costs continue to escalate, users will need to spend significantly more to power and cool their server hardware than they require to purchase it.

"Earth-friendly" Product Advantages
Supermicro leverages advanced technology and system design expertise to reduce the power consumption of our server, blade, workstation and storage systems. Over many years of experience, we have become an industry leader in power saving technology. Today, for example, our 1U Ultra servers have achieved highest performance-per-watt to maximize TCO without sacrificing performance (please see our White Paper at

Leading the way to even greater results, our engineers continue to improve green technology as a primary product design objective. In 2011, Supermicro introduced a major breakthrough in power supply technology with the industry's first SuperCompact (L220mm x W54.5mm x H40mm ) 1U 400W supply module conforming to Energy Star 2.0 specifications. In 2012 we introduced new Platinum Level High Efficiency power supplies, including 95%+ efficiency digital switching power supplies. Today our latest Titanium Level power supplies offer 96% power efficiency.

As a result of these efforts, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Supermicro's servers and computer systems has decreased significantly over time. Each of our 96%+ efficient systems, compared to others equipped with traditional 80% to 90% efficient power supplies, can save up to $200 to $500 per year depending on configuration and usage. If the approximately 40 million servers worldwide were replaced with power-efficient Supermicro systems, up to $4 billion annually could be saved in energy costs alone.

As an example, each node of Supermicro's SuperBlade® can save up to 100 watts over a traditional discrete 1U rack-mount server. These savings add up quickly when a SuperBlade chassis is fully populated with 10 servers. By eliminating the overhead in 1U discrete servers and using high-efficiency (up to 96%) power supplies, the SuperBlade® can save customers between $700 and $1,000 per year in power - even more when lower cooling costs are included.

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