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Voltaic Systems is a portable power company based in Brooklyn, New York. A drained phone in the middle of Spain led our founder to design the first solar backpack. Since then, the number and types of electronic devices we use has multiplied and our relationship with them have become more intense. No matter where you or your devices are in the world, our goal is to keep them charged. Here are the three things that are important to us.

Charge Everything

When the latest and greatest phone is released, we head to the store like everyone else to get a look. We're not checking out the design though. We're looking for compatibility with our system and power requirements. While many devices charge from USB, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make sure that charge happens consistently and efficiently. We're also looking at how to connect to MacBooks, digital cameras, GPS systems and every device that comes with a proprietary connection. So if you have a new iPhone, an ancient Motorola, an Arduino or a Marantz PMD-661 Sound Recorder, we'll figure out what it takes to keep you charged. Got a challenge? Try and stump us.

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Keep Customers Running

Our products are rugged and meant to last and be easy to use, but what happens if you have a problem? If your solar charger isn't working perfectly, it is frustrating to you and a waste of resources. We're committed to getting your system to run smoothly and will work with you to resolve the problem no matter where you are in the world. Our customers are often as likely to be in Malawi as Manhattan so we're used to working globally.

Conserve Resources

All of our products take energy to manufacture and ship to our customers. Across the product lifecycle, we do our best to conserve resources. This includes identifying and using environmentally preferable materials (e.g. Recycled PET over Nylon), making products modular for easy repair, choosing solar panels that have a long lifetime, eliminating uncessary packaging, and reusing as much as possible.

We support individuals and organizations who are tackling energy and conservation problems. This can take many forms including gear that helps power pollution detection equipment in Nepal to keeping laptops of anti-poaching teams charged up.

Finally, we believe we're creating a large number of street-level ambassadors for solar energy. When you use our products, you will be stopped and asked what they are and how they work. When you talk about your experience, you'll be helping to educate more people to the potential of alternative energy.

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