Absolute Green Energy Corporation

Absolute Green Energy Corporation

Absolute Green Energy Corporation is part of a larger set of companies, known as the Absolute Group of Companies, owned and operated by the three founders. Absolute Green Energy and the Absolute Group have invested in Massachusetts, having purchased two 25,000 sq. ft. facilities in Worcester. AGEC is here for the long haul and will not be gone as soon as the market cools.
The Absolute Group of Companies are manufacturing system experts. Our company has executed energy efficiency measures, power correction and drive retrofits to companies across the United States.
Absolute Green Energy Corporation is focused on providing cost effective solar electric (PV) solutions for industrial, commercial, non-profit and residential applications. AGEC also offers training and seminars to interested public on solar system functions, installations, rebates and available federal and states incentives. The company partners with local contractors for the installation process empowering the local economy. Absolute Green Energy builds on technical expertise in supplying energy efficient machinery and energy saving products.

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