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Over the next decade, solar energy will leapfrog the electricity grid in developing countries much like cell phones leapfrogged landlines. SunFunder is dedicated to financing this emerging solar market transformation.

SunFunder is a solar finance business based in San Francisco and Tanzania with a mission to unlock capital for solar energy in emerging markets, where over 2.5 billion people live without access to reliable energy. We aggregate capital through the Solar Empowerment Fund, a private debt offering that gives Accredited Investors an opportunity to invest in a diversified, vetted and high-impact portfolio of off-grid and grid deficit solar projects. With this capital, we provide short-term inventory and project finance loans to leading solar energy companies to help them scale deployments of solar energy systems and catalyze growth in the sector.

SunFunder has financed $2 million of solar projects, with 16 solar companies in 6 countries, and maintains a zero percent default rate. This has helped over 250,000 people get access to affordable solar energy. In the next five years SunFunder aims to raise and deploy $1 billion into solar projects around the world.

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