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Renewable Energy Solutions Australia (RESA) is a R&D innovation company that focusing on developing and commercialising unique renewable energy products that can make a difference.

RESA manufactures and sells the following products:

1. Eco Whisper turbine - revolutionary small scale silent wind turbine in 5kW and 20kW models that is designed for applications in
- off-grid or remote communities
- micro - grid
- rural/residential
- commercial/industrial

2. VoltLogic - innovative smart inverter that connects with any renewable energy source and or battery for connection in off-grid or grid connect environments. Voltlogic's USP is that it enhances power quality by managing voltage rise/drop, phase imbalance and improves power factor whilst simultaneously operating as a hybrid inverter for renewable energy and battery storage.

This product is targeted at the LV network and renewable energy customers

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