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NAFITH develops and operates technology-driven services that increase the productivity of trade processes and shared freight transportation infrastructure to benefit the public and advance commerce. Our services help nations realize the full potential of current and future investments in infrastructure by streamlining information exchange,improving utilization, and maximizing throughput. By tailoring our services we make them effective in diverse settings with varying stages of economic and technical development. NAFITH puts technology in place to make transportation infrastructure work better.

Around the world information technology is being applied to mitigate congestion and maximize the capacity of passenger transportation networks. NAFITH has shown that information technology can also have a dramatic impact on freight transportation systems,especially in addressing congestion and chaos around ports and border crossings and in maximizing the productivity of inland transportation corridors. Improved utilization of such key infrastructure delivers broad economic benefits by lowering the costs of trade and increasing capital investment returns for both the public and private sectors,along with measurable environmental improvements and greater transparency.

NAFITH’s technology speeds the exchange of information needed to coordinate logistics up and down the supply chain. In combination with capacity management algorithms and data capture through a variety of channels, this technology puts in place a mechanism for optimizing the use of shared freight transportation infrastructure, such as port access routes, border crossings, and inland transportation corridors. Through better coordination and resource allocation, NAFITH helps society realize the full capability of infrastructure assets.

In developing countries, policy makers and practitioners, citing insufficient sophistication,high cost, and technical challenges, have been neglecting this 'non-conventional' approach. In reality, not one of these obstacles stands in the way of successful implementation when the solution is tailored to the situation. NAFITH’s demonstrated expertise and operational capabilities allow us to do what no one else can.

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