Motiva Services Ltd

Motiva Services Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Motiva Ltd, whose task is to carry out energy and materials efficiency projects, in particular in collaboration with businesses and communities.

Motiva Services Ltd offers services in consulting, training and communications. Our customers are primarily organizations that require objective information, either for their own use or for that of their clients, on incorporating systems, methods, technologies and best practices concerning energy and materials efficiency.

Motiva Services Ltd began operating in December 2008. From the beginning of 2011 its administering and marketing have carried the Nordic ecolabel (the Swan ecolabel) and the EU EcoLabel.

Internationally, Motiva Services Ltd has been conspicuous through successfully exported projects in which customers have often been public administrations. These projects, which have mainly focused on public sector energy start-up activities, have achieved good results. Motiva Services Ltd has established a relationship of trust with government in the countries in question. This has in turn opened the door for other Finnish enterprises.

Motiva Ltd and Motiva Services Ltd comprise a group whose mission is the promotion of the efficient use of energy and materials. The two companies operate in close mutual collaboration.

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