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Ecologic Brand Inc

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Julie Corbett, Founder of Ecologic Brands, was shocked by the amount of plastic jugs and cartons her family produced on a regular basis, and decided to do something about it.

Inspired by the Canadian milk pouch-a clear lightweight pouch placed in a reusable carafe-Julie decided to create a bottle that used a lot less plastic to provide a lot more sustainability.

Her eureka moment came in 2007 when she opened the box for her new iPhone, and it was nestled on a smooth, yet sturdy molded fiber tray. Having found her ideal material, Julie designed a bottle that combines a sturdy outer molded fiber shell made from cardboard boxes and old newspapers with a thin inner plastic pouch and re-sealable cap.

With a bottle prototype in-hand, Julie filed a patent for her technology. In May 2008, Ecologic Brands was born.

Today, Julie and the Ecologic team are committed to giving consumers and brands better packaging choices and replacing shelf after shelf of rigid plastic, headed for landfill, with a new kind of bottle that uses our limited resources more efficiently.

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