Our company is made of a group of dedicated individuals who have made it their life's mission to create a product that is truly unique and revolutionary. Our all-star team consists of some of the brightest minds in the field of nanotechnology, so we can assure you that LiquidOff is in good hands.

From the start, we wanted to create a self-cleaning solution like you've never seen before. One that was universal to all textiles and fabric types, as well as to other surfaces such as plastic, metal, and even paper. We knew that we wanted this product to be a part of our consumers' daily lives, so it was imperative for us to create a water-based solution that was completely Green and Eco-friendly, easy to use, long lasting, and delicate enough to never affect the breathe-ability, texture, or color of any treated material. After months and months of testing, we finally had our state-of-the-art formulation completed.

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