Australian Environmental Wastewater Solutions Pty Ltd

Australian Environmental Wastewater Solutions Pty Ltd

The Ecomax is an advanced onsite wastewater treatment system for off-sewer developments including residential single dwelling households and cottages, decentralized commercial and light industrial lands such as golf courses, resorts and restaurants, as well as large clustered commercial systems.

Our patented technology efficiently treats sewage and other wastewaters, protecting our environment and ecosystems from pollutants such as E.coli,BOD,TSS, nitrogen. Proven in thousands of installations throughout Australia, Ecomax are available in a variety of modular configurations that are easily scalable.

Ecomax effluent systems are well known in the industry for their outstanding consistency, longevity, and low to no power consumption and nitrogen removal capabilities.

Australian Environmental Wastewater Solutions – Providing innovative solutions in water management for our commercial and domestic clients in Australia and Internationally. Environmentally friendly strategies to help people deal with drought conditions in line with BASIX and Five Star Plus building regulations. Reuse, recycle and save water using WADI, ECOMAX and Reo-Drain water management technologies.

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