Green Mountain Energy

Our Business Structure

We sell cleaner electricity to both residential (home/condo/apartment) and commercial (business) customers.

Residential Products

We serve households in competitive markets in Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas.

In traditional monopoly utility markets, Green Mountain partners with utilities who want to offer renewable energy products to their customers.

Outside of these areas, Green Mountain offers renewable energy certificates (RECs) and carbon offset products to help reduce the environmental impact of everyday activities like electricity use, driving and flying.

Commercial Products

Green Mountain is one of the premier retail providers of cost-competitive cleaner energy products to businesses and institutions in competitive electricity markets in Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Nationwide, we offer innovative, customized sustainability solutions to commercial clients, including carbon offsets and RECs as well as consulting and assistance with green marketing strategy, corporate sustainability reporting and voluntary emissions reporting.
Learn more about the products we sell in each market.

Environmental Governance

As a renewable energy, carbon offset and sustainability solutions provider, environmental sustainability is at the core of who we are, from the products we sell to the way we run our business. In particular, the following groups play a unique role in promoting environmentalism within the company:

Our Sustainability Department works with internal and external stakeholders to make sure Green Mountain is clean and green in all we do, including:

Manage environmental claims, audits, and reporting to ensure the integrity of who we are and what we deliver to our customers
Set an example of environmental excellence for employees, customers and other partners
Share what we’ve learned with others by offering sustainability services and products
Lead and grow Green Ambassadors employee sustainability team
Our all-volunteer employee sustainability team, the Green Ambassadors, includes 50+ employees company-wide who:

Organize educational and service oriented activities to increase environmental awareness and action
Review, update, and maintain company environmental practices and policies
Protect and promote our culture of sustainability

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