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WDG's Commitment
With more than 30 years of experience, WDG is strongly committed to the roofing industry. All of our Research & Development efforts are focused on increasing roofing performance and the development of environmentally friendly roofing products.

WDG is completely committed to environmental sustainability. Our facilities utilize energy efficient lighting and insulation systems. Our manufacturing process employs geothermal energy, and uses recycled materials in processing and packaging. Environmentally responsible manufacturing and operational practices throughout WDG facilities make System 14 and recoverE 360-degree "green."

Silicone Restoration Membrane (SRM)
SRM is a system approach for roof restorations and waterproofing. Using easy-to-apply silicone products from West Development Group, contractors can provide their customers with a high-performance, economic, and environmentally friendly alternative to re-roofing. SRM coatings put over an old roof will renew it into a seamless, low maintenance roof.

recoverE EPDM Recycled Roofing Initiative
recoverE helps offset the environmental impact that building construction has on energy use and raw material consumption. Petroleum-based materials used for EPDM roofing come with high costs and high environmental impact in reclamation, processing and disposal. WDG's recoverE is designed for the collection, transport, and granulation of post-consumer EPDM roof membranes into granulized EPDM rubber compounds to replace virgin EPDM and other fillers, reducing the amount of energy and raw materials used in the manufaturing of new commercial and industrial roofing systems. WDG is the only manufacturer to use recycled EPDM materials in roofing products.

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