Greentree Outdoor Living

Greentree’s promise is to take care of both you and Mother Nature while providing unsurpassed quality of service.

Professional landscaping services with less environmental impact.

Our commitment is to protect the environment one project at a time. From the way we travel to each of our valued clients’ jobsites, to our methodology and priorities within their customized service plans. Our attitude, actions, and respect for nature and each of our clients bring out the very best in our projects — the result, eco-friendly landscaping and beautiful properties in Edmonton, Calgary and surrounding areas.

At Greentree Landscaping, we are focused on transforming your yard into an amazing outdoor living space!

Respect for Mother Nature

Nature herself provides all that is naturally beautiful. We do our part in preserving our environment in everything we do, one job at a time:

Use of organic topsoil (peat moss and compost) along with environmentally friendly fertilizers
Recycling of soil and plants; relocation of trees and shrubs rather than discarding
Recycling old concrete for re-use in road construction
Reuse of good material in a construction tear-down/rebuild
Use of the latest technology
Advanced controls to govern irrigation systems for money-saving, efficient use of resources
Scheduled maintenance of our vehicles and equipment to help reduce pollution to the environment

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