Baril Coatings USA

Baril Coatings USA

Baril Coatings strives to minimise the environmental impact of its products and operations, and set standards worldwide for sustainability and corporate citizenship.

For us, these ideals are embodied in the classic challenge to ‘achieve more with less’. This notion has become an organisational mantra – integral to our internal culture and commitment to innovation.

We are at the forefront of thin-film coating technology, and are quickly advancing into bio- and water-based materials utilisation. Less product usage and lowered impact with more performance equals ‘more for less’ for us, and our clients.

The advent of Baril Coatings’ patented DCC technology – extremely durable coatings with superfast curing requiring no heat input, and very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) release – is another leap towards sustainability by gaining more for less.

True sustainability is attained when all are working as one, and with our great team spirit we achieve ‘more’ for our customers every day. We support this culture by nurturing the wellbeing of all staff with professional development and training opportunities and the provision of a safe, friendly work environment.

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